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Ruth Schrader-Grace

Ruth Schrader-Grace is a personal fitness coach, Certified TRX Suspension Personal Trainer, Barefoot Training Specialist and proponent of health and wellness. Over the past several years, ‎she has developed multiple skills, workout and balance programs which have helped many achieve their goals, including herself.

She believes in eating organic, natural foods, exercising 3-5 days a week, while maintaining a healthy balance between her professional & personal life.

In her much earlier years, she received a degree in General Education with a focus in Psychology and Business, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Holistic Life Coach, and continues to study and expand her knowledge in the health and nutrition field. Additionally, Ruth is a member of the American College Sports Medicine, IDEA Health & Fitness Association and is a current board of directors of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce.

Ruth’s motto is “If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong”. She believes one of the most important aspects to staying fit and healthy is having fun. Also, she says, ”working out shouldn’t come across as a tiring or boring chore you have to do, but something fun that makes you smile and feel good about yourself.”




Ruth is the only Certified TRX Suspension Trainer and Barefoot Training Specialist within all of the Florida Keys. Her predominant focus of fitness coaching is body-weight exercise as part of individualized and small group training. Workouts include the use of the TRX Suspension & RIP Trainer along with a variety of other Functional Training modalities. Training focus is on weight loss, strengthening, balance, flexibility and agility, and can also incorporate exercises for pre or post-rehabilitation, training for injury prevention, as well as other various functional training fitness programs. In addition, she is known for creating personalized fitness plans for her clients that focus on their specific needs. In small private, group settings, modifications are easily set for each individual while maintaining an even flow for all.


What you can create or change in your life is infinite!
Be your own inspiration.

As a Personal Fitness Coach, I work with individuals who want to achieve more flow and balance in their life. By exploring and accepting your own personal unique attributes, experiences, creative thinking, and personal needs, you will be guided, motivated and inspired to create positive life changes.

Albert Einstein’s insight came from intuition and inspiration, not from logic or mathematics.  “When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of imagination has meant more to me than any talent for absorbing absolute knowledge. All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge. I believe in intuition and inspiration…. At times I feel certain I am right while not knowing the reason.” “Imagination is more important than knowledge”(Calaprice, 2000, 22, 287, 10)

He embraced his intuition and didn’t let his analytical mind interfere with how he thought or why. Inspiration is a feeling charged by emotion, not a thought.

Imagine if you stopped for a moment. If you stopped thinking and allowed yourself to be inspired by something or someone. What if you simply trusted your intuition, that feeling that cannot be explained? Without a doubt, you just know it’s right. You would be amazed! If you knew how to open your mind, your thoughts to what you want or need in life, happiness would be in abundance for you. Not everything in life is measurable to an exact science, despite what society wants you to subscribe to. However, the only person you need to quantify anything to, is yourself. 

To understand how the way we think affects how we move our bodies, contact me for more information. 

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