Why A Fitness Plan

Why a Fitness Plan & Fitness Coach

With an actionable, transformational and measurable plan of action, Keys Core Fitness will be your personal fitness coach and help you build that strength and confidence, help to reduce the effects of the aging process, as well as reduce your stress and increase your energy.

- You Will be empowered to take your body and mind to the next level with improved confidence, self-control and determination

- replace negative thoughts with positive ones

- your success is encouraged in a positive fitness coaching environment and will be the catalyst of motivation to keep you moving forward.

Working out on your own can be a daunting challenge, but with a fitness coach, those days are over. Whether you work in person one-on-one, virtual one-on-one via zoom or online hybrid training, you are NEVER alone in your workouts. Your fitness coach is always with you and always adjusting or modifying your workout as needed. Adding fitness to your lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore, it should be rewarding and something you look forward to doing.

The plan is designed to create change, in both body and mindset, to gain a greater awareness on how to eat healthy, how you think about exercise, lose weight, get fit, and feel more energized.

It’s designed to get you motivated and excited about exercise, to lose weight with a fun, cardio, body weight based workout, that includes resistance and functional training. 

Transformation isn’t always easy, nor is the path you follow always going to be perfectly traveled in a straight line. But it is definitely worth it.  You may struggle at times, run into obstacles once in a while, or feel like you’re not moving along as fast as you think you should.  This is where the accountability part of this great plan comes into play. It will keep you moving forward to overcome the obstacles that may have held you back in past endeavors. I will be cheering you on as your personal fitness coach the whole time!


You Really Are Worth It!

When it comes to investing and prioritizing your health, it comes down to a few very important factors. First, realize that you must be number one in your life. In addition, you may find yourself missing work, or not able to help others, like family or friends who may rely on you. You may find yourself visiting doctors more than you would like or missing out on your children’s or grandchildren’s life events. You truly are the most important person, not only to yourself, but to others around you.

 If you don’t have your health, then what do you have. Prioritizing your health has life changing benefits and the financial commitment far outweighs the cost of future healthcare bills. You really are worth it!

How the Body Works

It’s important to understand the fundamentals and foundation of your body. Your core consists of your hips, pelvis, abdominals, lower back, mid-back, and neck regions of the body. Your core, aka your center of gravity, is responsible for your bodies stability, flexibility and balance.

Composed of distinct categories, the muscles of the core work together to ensure proper movement and function. Some of the core muscles, especially those located closest to the spine, are primarily responsible for providing stability or preventing excessive movement that could place increased stress on our spine. Other core muscles, generally the larger and more visible muscles, are largely responsible for generating movement.  Therefore, effective core training should include a variety of exercises that involve stability, or little to no motion, as well as exercises that involve movements in all directions, multi-plane.

We don’t always move in a straight line. We move with twisting, bending movements, and we move left, right, down, up, as well as forward and backward. This is referred to as multi-plane movement. Our body moves in 3-D all the time. The things you do every day like cleaning your house, grocery shopping, getting in and out of your car, walking the dog, playing sports or working out requires you to engage your core. You’re moving in multi-plane. The stronger your core is, the less injuries you’re likely to incur though out your body. Exercise and eating healthy are the foundation of good health.  Being healthy doesn’t mean suffering, it means lifestyle changes. It means realizing how you think about your health is how you change what you do about your health.