A balanced plan can help you reduce the chances of chronic diseases. By eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting plenty of sleep, you can form a balanced plan. 2020 brought tens of thousands of people enormous heartache, compromised health and extreme worries for what has been a year of uncertainty, chaos and strain. You’ve all had 6 plus months of living a life probably no one ever thought could or would happen. Many have been forced to re-evaluate their lives and what their future holds. While some people have reinvented themselves, others have kept the old ways going with a new twist. And isn’t life full of twists?

One day, you’re sitting in your office working among a group of 10 people. Then the next day, you’re working from your kitchen table while your cat crosses over your laptop 12 times whilst stepping on every single key on your keyboard. Point is you’ll find a way to get work done. Maybe you thought your boring daily routine was the way your life was going to be until retirement. Now that routine is becoming very inventive, yet probably a little annoying, with a dash of “hey working in my pj’s isn’t that bad after all.” And “wow, I just saved hundreds of dollars on a wardrobe I don’t need, because I only need to switch out a shirt now and again. Because NO ONE will remember that you wore the same shirt 5 times in one week on your video call.”

Maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

Maybe this disaster proved how HUMAN you really are. That you are still adaptable on multiple levels and can withstand what life throws at you. YES, is the answer. YES, you can make whatever change you need to. You are human and a survivor of many things. 2020 is a drop in the bucket in your lifetime. Don’t let it define you in any other way other than how it should. You, like many others ,will come out of this with a new perspective and perhaps a newer respect for life. Embrace what is in front of you, make the best of what you have in hand and know that the current life you are living is just for now. It doesn’t mean forever, unless of course the new direction is more favorable than the old. 

Embrace your new found time for growing fresh vegetables, watch reruns of cooking shows you now have hours to watch and make yourself some healthy dishes. Laugh at your enthusiastically obnoxious cat who’s telling you it’s break time. Get your bottom up off that kitchen table chair and do some laps around the house or pull some weeds in the garden. Get fresh air, read a good book, video chat with a friend just for FUN, and get a good night sleep. Form a balanced plan that works for you!

Tomorrow is a fresh pj day!!