Mindful or mind-body exercise is an activity that contains self-reflection, being in the present-moment and sensory awareness. It includes a perception and awareness of movement, spatial orientation, focus on breathing, anatomical alignment, and flow of one’s inherent energy or life force (chi or prana). 

TRX Suspension Training integrated with barefoot training is a great example of mind-body exercise. Together they create a mindful playground.

TRX workouts develop core strength using functional movements and dynamic positions. You will improve strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, core stability and your mind-body connection. Since you can instantly modify the resistance by adjusting your body position, TRX Suspension Training workouts are designed for all people, all ages and all fitness levels and anytime.

It is invigorating, challenging, focus oriented and will keep you on your toes, sometimes literally! It requires you to be mindful, to be present in the here and now. Not only do you get an “All Core All the Time” workout physically, you get increased awareness about your body, discovering strengths and weaknesses you never knew existed. It will excite and ignite your body to another level. It’s the ultimate mindful exercise!

TRX and barefoot training in combination teaches and reinforces proper body alignment, with all movement initializing from the core; your power house, from the ground up. Flexibility and proper body alignment are often a low priority and loss of flexibility equates to limited range of motion. Over time, the failure to adhere to proper alignment principles will manifest itself in joint problems, most commonly occurring in the ankles, knees, hips and even shoulders. Engaging in functional fitness training techniques, building strength and core stability, can improve these problems or prevent them entirely. You will love this full body workout, that always challenges the body and mind, with something new and different.

Combined with daily mindful relaxing thoughts, eating healthy and physical strengthening, you can create for yourself: the perfect mindful playground.

Now and always is a great time to create a desire and enthusiasm for a healthier you. If you want to learn more about working out with TRX and barefoot training, take a look at my personal training page.