Wholly Cow! It’s May already. Winter? What Winter? Think we went from Fall to Spring in no time and now it’s almost Summer. Either way it’s the time when everyone is thinking about bathing suits and all those clothing items that won’t hide that Winter extra you’ve been holding onto. It’s time to get in shape!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could think your way to skinny or into that rock-solid shape you want? I totally agree, I would love that too. Too bad it doesn’t work that way, not even for us coaches or trainers. Yes, believe it or not, even we have to work out to keep in shape! I know I just crushed your illusion that we are all born this way and how easy we make all those exercises look to you. I’ll share a little secret with you. One, most of us probably struggled sometime in our lives with weight. Two, we also had to learn how to eat healthier. Three, we also had to learn how to do those exercise movements that we teach to you. The only difference is that we didn’t just decide to make a change in our lives, learning how to eat better and to exercise. We dedicate our livelihood to teaching others, encouraging others; not to be like us, but to be better! At least that’s the kind of fitness coaching I subscribe to.

So, what makes this time of year different regarding working out or just being healthier?

Nothing. You should want this 365 days a year. But you’re human and you need to be reminded and encouraged at times. This just happens to be one of those times.

Time to get in shape in May! It’s bathing suit shopping time and surely, you’d like to look awesome in that new suit. Fabulous idea, but how are you going to do this? What is your game plan? Eat better with more fruits and vegetables? Work out more or begin to? Create a better attitude about being healthy overall? Wait!! I know the answer. ALL OF THE ABOVE! Don’t you just love multiple choice questions where all the answers are correct?! That was easy, right? You didn’t just put on one of those faces that says, “what, I have to subscribe to all of that?”, did you? I know you didn’t. Because you want to know how to look awesome in your new or last year’s bathing suit!

Let’s review. 1. Eat more fruits and vegetable 2. Choose to increase work out time or begin this great habit 3. Create a more favorable attitude towards overall health. Wow! That’s asking a lot, right! Really now, that bathing suit isn’t going to look different this Summer just because you think it. Step it up and put some action to those three things. They really will help you get in shape and get where you want to be.


    • When you go to the grocery store skip most of those dry storage items and go right to the produce department. If you’re short on time those frozen veggies are fresh when packed so technically they are still fresh veggies. Sorry, no excuses on that one!
    • Veggies taste great sautéed with a bit of olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil
    • Throw those veggies over a bowl of brown or jasmine rice for a quick meal and add a bit of chicken for some protein if you like
    • Make shopping for them fun and find a local farmers market. Support local growers while buying fresh fruits and veggies

    • Get excited about that bathing suit. Imagine what it will look like on you and how you will feel in.
    • Start walking in the park before or after work if you haven’t done any sort of exercise in a very long time. Pick up the pace for a fast-paced walk to step up your cardio activity. A fitness tracker is a great way to keep track and see how much you’ve walked.
    • Ready to get that cardio really going? Learn different modalities of exercise and what will be a right fit for you. Sometimes trying different things is what you need. Just because the first activity didn’t work for you doesn’t mean all workouts are bad. There is something for everyone out there.
    • Remember if that bathing suit is important, then getting the body you want for it is important, and you will find the necessary time to put forth exercising.

    • I can’t say enough about this 3rd Without the proper mindset the first 2 won’t work so well. Surely, you’ve heard, if you want something bad enough you’ll do what it takes to make it happen. Well, if you want that bathing suit to look and feel outstanding than you must change the way you look at exercising and about eating healthy. Notice I don’t say eating right. That’s because it’s different for everybody. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. Yes, that’s right, there is no cookie cutter version that’s a one size fits all.

Now with that being said, the bathing suit metaphor is a real one for many. Not everyone is truly happy in their bodies now and again.  Although there are a few but, what separates you from someone else whether it’s a bathing suit, a cute sun dress or shorts and a tank top showing off those long legs, is you want to feel good about yourself and you want others to notice too. It’s human nature. A compliment now and again always makes a person feel good. People like to be noticed even if it’s subtle. Bottom line is, this is something for yourself, something that will make you feel proud to accomplish something you just talk about doing. And if you’re that person who is exercising and still not happy with where you want to be then step it up. Increase what you’re doing or change it up if it isn’t working for you.

It’s not too hot yet to enjoy walking in the park or go for a bike ride. Really, you can do a lot outdoors to mix it up and make it fun. Step it up and get your workout groove on to get in shape!