With the emergence of the New Year, comes fresh thoughts and opportunities.

One of the first thoughts for many is to lose weight and/or get in better physical shape. Why not do this all year long? Why wait until the first day of a new year to create a new beginning? The answer to that question is human nature. You might even say creature of habits. Many people need an excuse or reason to do something. We are bread to do that from the time we are little people. Think about it. We are taught to go to school to learn certain things. The result is supposed to be, to gain knowledge and become a better person. We learn other things in life from simply doing it. Those are referred to life lessons. The outcome here is also to become a more knowledgeable person and to do things better over time, the more and more we do it, i.e., washing dishes, doing laundry, driving a car, waking up to an alarm clock, being on time to work are just a few examples of what we do daily without thinking as an adult.

Now comes what seems like the impossible to some people, the idea of losing weight and getting in good shape for one’s own health.

The anguish, the negative thoughts that run rampant, the evil doers who blatantly put cake, cookies and ice cream in front of us. Oh, the horror!

Imagine, not doing the dishes. They will pile up and you have no plates or utensils to eat from. If you don’t do your laundry you will run out of clothes. You drive your car to get to work. The alarm clock needs to sound off to wake up in the morning. Being on time to work is how you make money and keep your job. Let’s add one more thing. If when you go grocery shopping and you choose healthier options that also taste good, your mind and belly will thank you. Your body will especially thank you for feeding it appropriately, providing you with greater energy. If you choose a couple or more days a week to exercise, both your mind and body will be stronger and you’ll discover how much happier you will be as well, because you will be creating for yourself a healthy existence. Human nature or creature of habit.

Think about what you consider to be a road block to a healthier existence.

You wouldn’t let a power outage prevent your alarm from going off, you would put in a backup battery. You wouldn’t let your car run out of gas. And you would be sure that if doing dishes and laundry isn’t your thing, you’d hire someone because you must eat and get dressed each day. So why would you eat foods that are unhealthy all the time or not exercise to keep your weight at an appropriately healthy level? Lazy? Not enough time in the day or week? Too tired after the work day? Or maybe some other excuse or reasons. That’s for you to answer and discover.

Human nature is to survive! The New Year is always filled with opportunities. Choose the greatest of opportunities in your New Year. If losing weight is it, then stop the excuses and negative reasons. If just getting in shape is it, then find the time no matter how little of it you think you have. Think of all the other daily or weekly things you do because you must, or because you have learned to do so because it provides you with what you need or want in life. Add a dash of healthy and overall wellness thinking to it and you will have the best New Year ever!