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Improve Strength, Increase Muscle Composition & Create Your Ideal Body Image With TRX Suspension Training

Prevent Injury, Increase Stability And Balance Through TRX Suspension / Barefoot Training

No Pain, No Gain

TRX Training

with Ruth Schrader-Grace

Lose weight successfully without the rebound effects of fad diets, and transform your body and mind to a whole new level. Your coach will support you, empower you to reach measurable goals and help you be accountable to yourself.

Build strength, confidence, and learn how to reduce stress through private training. Discover new ways to achieve a healthier you through fitness, positive mindset, and nutrition. Create the body you want, increase your energy, and feel good about yourself inside and out.

Whether your reason to is to be your ideal weight, tone or build muscle, become more agile, or just move your body, you will be encouraged to do your best and have fun doing it. KCF is here to help you, Get Fit Inside and Out!!

Meet your coach

Ruth Schrader-Grace

Hi! I’m Ruth, your TRX Suspension, Barefoot Training, fitness coach helping women and men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s improve their fitness level to enjoy a long, energetic life and to create a balanced lifestyle. My focus is on strength training, cardio workouts and functional training utilizing the TRX Suspension and RIP Trainer, and other functional training modalities.

My training method will carry over into every aspect of your life and is a fitness lifestyle change. After all, physical movement is key to longevity and health.

If making a lifestyle change is what you truly desire, then I will encourage you to be accountable to yourself, and be your cheerleading squad on your good days and the not so good days. Most importantly, I will show you ways to change old habits and create new healthy ones that work for YOU.

Also, learn to breathe better, stand taller and reach your goals.

Personal Private And Semi-Private Training To Help You Get Fit Inside & Out



You should never be held back by injury or aging. Private 1-on-1 personal training is customized to help you get stronger, reduce pain, improve balance and agility, be more active, and feel great about yourself!



Partner up with a friend or family member! Your workout partner and you will work two-on-one with your fitness coach. Workouts are modified for each person when applicable.



With the right fitness plan, balanced strength, cardiovascular and functional training, proper sleep and nutrition along with the often, neglected recovery, you’ll take charge of your health, enjoying an active lifestyle for years to come.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I recently started training with Ruth after years of ‘doing my own thing’: online yoga classes and walking and jogging every now and then. I now realize what I was missing by not working out with a real professional! Ruth gives me her full attention, challenges me to work as effectively as possible and ensures I’m doing it all safely. And we have fun! There is simply no comparison to exercising on my own. I highly recommend Ruth and the TRX system.”

– Jill K

Love my TRX workouts! Ruth takes the time to explain what I do right and wrong. She makes corrections to my form and even my posture which I appreciate. I’ll tell you if you’re looking for someone who really cares and will push you to your limits this is the place. I also love the small personalized studio atmosphere and working out outdoors too!”

– Joleen B.

“I started with Ruth about 1 year ago and have seen noticeable improvement in my muscle development and my strength. She starts you at your level and slowly increases the routines to your ability. I love the one to one workout and feel better than I have in years. I recommend Ruth at Keys Core Fitness to everyone!!!”

– Cathy B.

“I love training with Ruth on the TRX system – this bodyweight resistance system offers a challenge which can be easily adjusted to my needs and skill level. Ruth is an expert on TRX and it shows – she designs a custom workout each session and is attuned to each client’s physical and mental state. She’s improved my strength, muscle tone and balance.”

– Leslie A.

“Reflecting on my life changes over the past year, made me realize I needed to hire a professional fitness coach who could guide me to personnel fitness and clarity of mind. I have worked with Ruth for the past five months doing TRX training. On my first day, I did not have the strength to pull my self up or do a plank position for longer than a couple seconds. She did not make me feel bad about that, in fact, she focused on a strategy to help me build up muscle mass based on my bodies ability. With her direction, instruction and encouragement, five months later, I am proud of how my body looks, but mostly, I am proud of my personnel strength of mind. I have my self confidence back times ten!!“

– Jeanne H.

“I have been extremely satisfied with the TRX sessions I’ve received from Ruth. She is one of the best personal trainers I have ever worked with (and I have had a few). Ruth is an expert at TRX and has a strong knowledge of the body in general. She customized my workouts to focus on strengthening my weaknesses and correcting my form. Her philosophy is quality vs quantity. In each session I gain awareness of areas I need to improve. Plus I go home with tips that I can incorporate in my daily life to improve how I walk, improve my balance, etc. I would recommend Ruth to anyone of any age who is looking to get fit and strong.”

-Julie M.

“Ruth is amazing!! She has passion for what she does and knows what she is doing! She takes her time to explain each and every move in a way that makes you understand. I see myself getting stronger with every class. Way better than any gym! Thank you Ruth!!!”

– Katherine P.

”I want to thank you so much for sharing your ‎wonderful gift with me…. still can’t fully believe it, ‎there have been no cravings for any of the foods that I ‎felt I was addicted to and find myself waking up every ‎morning excited to go for my bike ride. I feel that you ‎have given me such a gift, the insight to my addiction ‎and the motivation to my subconscious to attain any ‎goals that I set. I’m finally on the right path. Thanks ‎again for all you have done.”‎

– Anonymous

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